Wetfire Tinder: Should You Include This In Your Firemaking Kit?

Are you a fire making noob? When you begin a campfire, do you hold a match to a 3 inch thick branch and hope it catches fire? If you answered yes, then Wetfire Tinder is for you.


Consider it your friend with fire beginning.

Wetfire is sold by Ultimate Survival Technologies both online as well as in camping shops. It is a premade block of product that is milky and also feels a little oily. Each 1″ x 1″ block can be found in its very own airtight plan.


Take your survival blade as well as scrape shavings off of the block. Once you have a little heap of shavings, throw some triggers on it with your ferro rod. The heap of shavings will light right up. Make certain you have kindling ready to contribute to the fire and you’ll be great.


There are 2 concerns with Wetfire that may create you troubles. First, because it can be found in a closed bag, elevation can trigger them to expand. If they broaden enough, they’ll stand out a hole, and then the Wetfireblocks will certainly have a minimal life expectancy.

This increases a 2nd issue. They do not last permanently. Once the plan is opened it lasts about 1 to 3 months. Operator concerns are a third problem. It seems that some individuals think you can just light the Wetfire tinder block directly. It won’t or it’s challenging to do.

To conquer this issue, as stated previously, just scrape shavings off of the block as well as light the shavings.

8 blocks can run you $10. Because of this, your survival kit fire starter can get a little spendy.
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Alternatives to Wetfire would certainly be a combination of homemade and also store bought options. The homemade range include cotton spheres with Vaseline. On the shop bought solutions, you’ve obtained Tinder Quick, FireRibbon and also Esbit obstructs.


Wetfire isn’t perfect. In any kind of case, Wetfire should be a crucial piece of any person’s fire beginning package.

Attempt integrating Wetfire with a trigger showering BlastMatch. Or attempt Storm Matches. You can have an unequalled mix in an emergency. So what I’ve done is tossed a handful of the Wetfires right into my insect out bag. I’m certain that they will not fail me.

If you responded to yes, then Wetfire Tinder is for you.

Wetfire is offered by Ultimate Survival Technologies both on-line and in outdoor camping stores. There are 2 issues with Wetfire that might trigger you issues. It appears that some individuals assume you can just light the Wetfire tinder block directly. In any type of instance, Wetfire should be a crucial item of any person’s fire starting kit.

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